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Chef Alberto Avramow Pitman was born and raised in Mexico City; where gastronomic diversity was the perfect scenery to stimulate his curiosity and train as a cook. Mexico´s cultural heritage and traditions inspired him; executing dishes based on culinary traditions and techniques which have forged his style in Mexican cuisine.

He formally started on his own in 2007 under the name Chef Avramow. While on his quest to find new traditional Mexican flavors, he ventured into new projects and places where he wished to reach audiences throughout San Francisco, California.

In June 2014 he launched a POP-UP with a 7 course menu at Cosecha restaurant. The result of the dinner was an invitation to become executive chef, and to open for Loló Cevichería! Located in the Mission district & well known for hosting recognized artists and creative people in San Francisco.

Here is where Chef Alberto Avramow built the culinary concept, trained staff, created quality standards for success, and implemented a fusion of mexican-peruvian cuisine.

In October, a few months after the successful launch, another restaurant’s firm reached out, giving him a new challenge: A 2nd consultancy as their executive chef! This time to open for Bonita: Taquería & Rotisserie. 

 Mexican cuisine was the food concept, located in the Marina district; home to some of the most demanding palates in the Bay Area.

Additionally he participates as talent within Kitchit not only as a private chef, but a guest chef presenting a 4 course menú for 5 de Mayo.

He is now working alongside his business partner, and wife Elizabeth Rueda on their Food Truck:

A Mexican cuisine with a twist.. Focused on using the best organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients from Oakland, Ca. and the surrounding bay area.

In 2019 was named one of the 20 best food trucks in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle.

On 2023 his work brought him to give a consultancy on Fish restaurant in Sausalito, Ca. To bring back the best of this iconic spot from Marin county.

Still looking for a permanent residence to showcase his gastronomic influence. He settles a new concept on 2024: PAPAS•ITO, a new comfort food where California meets tacos and loaded potatoes.



A California concept of loaded potatoes and tacos with fresh and local ingredients.


    Note: to confirm booking 50% advance we’ll be needed.